05-03-2011 via whitehouse.gov

Thank you for taking care of Osama bin Laden.

I do not care whether it was legal, and I believe you must have made sure it was. However, it was necessary to assassinate a man, and bury him at sea, and that makes me uncomfortable about what my country is about.

I am glad that the canard about using his wife as a shield perpetrated by John Brennan is being denied by the White House. I think the best thing would be to have Mr. Brennan state the identities of the five people killed, and what exactly happened to each. For me, no gruesome pictures are necessary; but if the burial has been recorded, an excerpt and an expression of regret for having to order the killing of a man, expressed through Mr. Brennan(!) would be nice. Your determination not to release the pictures, but avoiding conspiracy theories can be expressed by leaving it to the next president to decide whether to release all the pictures. If you believe Boehner will support you in this, (I think he is a good man), you could deliver them to the Speaker for safekeeping in the meantime.