Letter to Speaker Boehner

July 12, 2011

Dear Speaker Boehner:

I hope you are considering the Presidency. I would like to vote for you. That said, I would like to say something about my opinion about the role of Congress in the budget negotiations.

First, with all this discussion about a debt limit, I wonder why we even bother having one if we are always going to raise it whenever it comes close to being exceeded. I think most Americans would appreciate Congressmen who had the guts to NOT raise the debt ceiling that they themselves put in place, and find other ways of keeping the government operating.

Second, I dont understand why Congress is letting the President be so involved in the budget process. Under the Constitution, the House is supposed to originate a budget and appropriations. Instead we have Congress inviting the President and even asking him to lead the process. Yes, good government, good negotiating tactics, and plain simple decency says you should not seriously snub the President, but it really is your responsibility to find an accommodation with the Senate to pass a budget. If the Senate is run by another party, then you have to negotiate with that other party. The President can veto something if he thinks it is impossible or ridiculous to implement. I think it is time you spent some time re-establishing the ground rules on who is responsible for the budget, and who should be involved, like you did with requiring every proposed law to state its basis in the Constitution. Congress really needs to fight for its power, or risk becoming irrelevant, as well as allowing this country to turn into a kingdom instead of a democracy.

Also, please dont allow yourself to be branded as a stool pigeon for the rich. There are a lot fewer of them than there are unemployed Americans. I dont think most Americans want handouts, but they do want something they can work at and support themselves and their families. I dont think getting billionaires and corporations to pay for the services they are getting from the government - that let them acquire and hold onto that wealth by maintaining the national peace - is really against their interests. Put it as a business proposition - you pay for peace, or risk a revolution...



PS - Some bank CEOs need to go to jail...