It is good to see Congress taking back the power granted to it under our Constitution, and while a shutdown is undesirable, it is a worthwhile price to pay to achieve that. After all, we are supposed to be a government "by the people", not a kingdom!

It would be good for our country if we also gave people back some of their power to resist bad law (or bad interpretation of the law) with their feet or wallet instead of the gun. Congress has a big role to play here in preserving our sense of liberty. One of the most potent forms of resistance is being able spend (or not!) your money discreetly on causes you believe in. Cash is liberty, any monitored transfer is slavery - an end run around multiple parts of our Constitution and our independence - freedom of speech, freedom to assemble and petition, freedom from self-incrimination, being secure in our person, abode and effects. Congress needs to retrieve its power to coin money.

The first step would be to order the Treasury to print $1000 bills and raise the cash transaction reporting limit to at least $50000. I would even go so far to say that natural persons should have NO cash reporting requirement. You could propose authorizing the Treasury to print 50 billion dollars in $1000 notes as the mechanism for achieving a temporary extension of government spending power. That way you have held the line on the debt ceiling while government spending power did get extended for a short period.