Dear Speaker Boehner:

In a few days the mid-term election will be over, and it looks like the Senate might become Republican, and less obstructionist. I think it is high time Congress started reclaiming its power from the Presidency.

In the Middle East we have ISIS. I cant pretend to know what is going on there, but clearly 25 air sorties a day against ISIS is simply not going to cut it. I think Congress should reclaim its war powers by authorizing troops on the ground with a declaration of war against ISIS, and authorizing our generals to conduct the campaign as efficiently as possible by allowing them to ally with the Syrian government. I think if you gave the generals that option, they would be enthusiastic and able shut ISIS down in a few days. The deal with the Syrian government would be that we knock off their Syrian opposition in the process, and shut down interference by Turkey and Saudi Arabia as well, in return for Syrian restraint against their own citizens (but they will need to be able to stamp out any ISIS regrowth, and that ability is what will preserve our ability to get out quickly and our cost low). Congress should publicly castigate the Presidency for indulging in namby-pamby dreaming about anti-Syrian rebels; remind him that he is there to execute the will of the people (as represented by the House) and resolve that we support a UN resolution providing assistance to the Syrian government to regain full control of their country.

I dont know which Congressman you can get to be the first to undergo the inevitable flak for suggesting such a course, but I think it is necessary to get the discussion started to see what is really in our (the US) national interest. The two month lame duck period is an opportunity. Maybe you can suggest to Kerry that he tell Lavrov to make the above UN proposal, and if and when they do it, pass a congressional resolution instructing our ambassador and the president that we favor supporting it.

Meanwhile, I am still hoping that you will run for the Presidency in 2016 - so I have somebody I can wholeheartedly support.