Message to President Obama

September 20, 2015

Yes!!! Gas is down to 2.48/gallon in the Bay area! And food prices, particularly pork and vegetables, are beginning to come down from the stratosphere! Just watch the economy become vibrant, as more people have more extra money, and transaction count explodes (but the numbers will be down! hah! people are actually checking prices before buying!). I can see it in the malls, it feels like Christmas already. Maybe we should be measuring the health of the economy not in dollars, but in transaction count, in volume of goods transacted.

I feel sorry for Janet, she does have to deal with a lot of misinformation. Maybe somebody should tell her the reason why we have "leaders", to be able to reject group think when it is a bad idea. Or maybe she is doing a great undercover job.

I may not agree with a lot of things you seem to be for, but I think you are going to turn out to be a great president. Maybe a lot is just Kabuki dance, because a lot of things seem to be slowly edging in the right direction. Russia is knocking heads in Syria (instead of us), and the Europeans are retrieving their foulups in the form of refugees. The ugliness of our stance towards Cuba and Iran is gone or going. Things are settling in Africa, and police use of military tech and tactics is being questioned at home. Solar energy and electric cars are taking off. Health care - open question - although I still resent the price - the individual mandate.

Now I just wish something could be done to make America feel like the land of the free again, and have us be proud of what we do in the world, instead of cringing at every new thing we hear. I know every government leader (including you) hates it, but financial privacy and freedom are an essential part of economic vibrancy and animal spirit. I think anti money laundering laws have gone too far, and asset seizure should be a felony when done without a court order. It has become nothing but plain simple robbery (not just theft!). And the attempt to enforce AML is pushing ugly big brother out into the world.

So still things to do and finish. I think you will get there, but maybe not the way I expect.

Good luck