November 20, 2018

President Donald J Trump

Dear President Trump:

I was glad to see you in Paradise with our current Governor and our Governor-elect.

The statement you put out about the Khashoggi incident was disappointing. It seems so craven. We are being owned into disregarding an atrocity by our need for oil.

The issue seems to be that we have been painted into a corner with our overly liberal use of sanctions instead of force. We have sanctions against all the players who could provide significant alternative sources of oil - Iran, Russia, Venezuela, (third party sanctions block Europe from even pretending to be a supplier). Some we have practically destroyed - Libya, maybe Iraq.

It also seems like there is some tightly controlled message being managed. So I am hoping that we are actually looking at a better solution that just has a very narrow path for success. I am sure we are looking at a strategy for boxing Saudi Arabia into keeping oil prices low. Maybe we are also looking at a strategy for getting Congress to take back sanctions mandated by law, and instead finding the balls to make a proper "declaration of war" when justified; then allowing the Commander in Chief and the military to determine the best way to execute the war - which could include a siege - i.e. sanctions. <>

Maybe we are also looking at establishing the principle that sanctions (a seige) are actually acts of war?