Run, Tulsi, Run!

November 21, 2018

Dear Congresswoman Gabbard:

You should put yourself in the running for the Speaker of the House. Most likely you will not win against Nancy Pelosi, but it will get you noticed. I also think you have a real chance of actually getting it.

I think you should be pretty open about your chances. Freshmen who campaigned against Nancy need a candidate to vote for who stands a real chance. You should put that out as your reason for running. Make a promise that if you get the position, you will consult with her and use her experience on the many issues where you agree. Maybe you could even be bold enough to ask her to stand down for the good of the party and the country.

That should define a very attractive image of your character. Then in 2020 (or later), when people are aching for a less confrontational style of government, you will be in the perfect place for making a run at the Presidency.



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