April 12, 2019
President Donald J. Trump
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington DC 20500

Dear President Trump:

Just wanted to say that I like what is happening.

Taxes are down. If the surprise bonus I got was based on encouragement from the White House to employers, it was incredibly well timed for tax season, and thank you.

Our politics is becoming less party focussed. The pushback you are getting from Republicans on some issues (on Obamacare full repeal by McConnell, the Cain nomination rejection) is evidence on the Republican side. The Democratic party is also being turned over from the inside. They have a lot of young people now, with some really wild ideas, but I think they will settle down and get serious, and they are challenging their entrenched powers. I think the best thing to do is help them push out their own swamp critters.

What is PC now? We are really talking again.

We are ending our endless wars in Syria and Afghanistan. Slower than you said, but happening nevertheless. Congress is being shamed into taking back their war power. I think I might go help Tulsi Gabbard succeed you in 2024. She needs some gravitas first, so she wont be a serious challenger in 2020. She may not succeed, maybe even be disqualified because of her Samoan birth, but I think good policy can get a voice there, and hopefully spread to other campaigns.

I liked the nomination of Cain. It would be interesting to appoint a Fed Chairman who is not a banker or economist, representing the interests of people, with a second in command who is, and who knows where all the meters and control levers are hidden. I think publicly advertising a joint appointment strategy like that might have helped. And by the way, I believe current US law says the Fed's goal should be 0% inflation, not 2%. Hopefully Congress will eventually take back responsibility for economic policy, and we respect the allocation of responsibility in our Constitution to Congress to have exclusive control of the form of money and the money supply, and be answerable to the people for decisions on the economy.

By the way, watch out for gas prices. They are now near $4 here in California, and approaching $5 in SF. Hopefully that is a temporary thing until Venezuela gets sorted out.

I hope that Assange is brought to the US for trial. And then I hope the US courts have the sense to toss the case! Especially if they claim a lack of jurisdiction to try it. We need to preserve a distinction between matters of domestic law (adjudicated by the courts) and matters of international policy (which should be dealt with by the President, House and Senate). Indicting foreign nationals for acts committed outside the United States (especially when in service to their own country) is just plain stupid and a waste of time, and is no business of the US courts. But it may be a matter for our security apparatus to handle - quietly.

Ann Coulter was getting too uppity, and got her just desserts - ha! She is now effectively silenced. Hopefully, people like Brennan, Clapper, and Strzok get their comeuppance too. Clinton also, but I think that one is best done by destroying her name, branding her a criminal who needed to be pardoned in the interest of national peace - you know, like "world peace". I think Comey already got what he deserved. I really feel sorry for Michael Flynn. Maybe we should make it legal to lie to the FBI unless given a Miranda like warning, and impossible to indict somebody for lying to a government official unless somebody has been convicted of another related crime, or does it in court. Threats to indict for process (non-)crimes are simply extortion.

Immigration policy is a work in progress. I think I will be polite here. But some surprises are coming out about who likes what.

I like the pushback on abortion and gun control. I think we need some more thinking and action on the use of force, by police (probably too deadly to people and pets), and by ordinary people (probably too restrictive). This is happening in California on the Democratic side - Newsom must be in a tough spot. Also, the Supreme Court took a baby step toward limiting asset seizures.

Space force? Moon mission? - I like Mars ferry better. I guess trashing the INF treaty helps here. But hey, something in that space(!) - MAGA.

Now I got to go do my taxes. Dont hand over your tax returns! Set a good example that they are private, and cannot be demanded from anybody by anybody for any reason, except by the tax authority. Like medical records, and attorney client communication.

All in all, a great list for 2020.