The Anti War Candidate
May 9, 2019
Congressman Tulsi Gabbard
PO Box 75255
Kapolei, HI 96707

Dear Candidate Gabbard:

It seems like you have strong feelings about the unnecessary wars we are conducting in places like Syria, Afghanistan, and Yemen. I liked that - enough that I wrote to you last November suggesting you run for the House Speakership and US Presidency. Here is some more about how I feel about your candidacy.

There are other wars much closer to home that I think a lot of us are getting really tired of. Some we are afraid will lead to a real crisis in the US federal government, and affect us even more than a shooting war in a far off place. The political war between the Democrats and Trump (or Republicans) is one.

It is kind of insane that Nadler would be asking a federal government employee to break the law, even threatening him with imprisonment, simply to obtain the 2% of a report that has been redacted to conform to legal requirements. Democrats are not even looking at the less redacted version that Barr is offering! The way it is coming across, I kind of feel sorry for Barr.

I also don't think highly of the push to obtain President Trump's tax returns - after all, they are supposed to be private, and his own choice whether to release them or not. Embarassing him into providing the information, or making a judgment at the ballot box about his refusal to do so is OK; but making it illegal to fail to provide them is beyond the pale. Steve Mnuchin is doing the right thing by refusing to provide them (or stalling as long as possible). This issue is getting very close to something totally unconstitutional - a bill of attainder. As a California voter, I take a dim view of our local House disenfranchising Trump voters by making it a condition of Trump being on the ballot here in California.

You need to stand out amongst the crowd of candidates on the Democratic side. What better way than to take a controversial position that most of us average people can support! Speak up against Nadler's felony of using a weapon (the power of Congress) to force a federal employee to commit a crime; giving your fellow (and new) Democratic House members a reason to vote against citing Barr for contempt; then vote against it yourself.

It is also kind of insane that a candidate for the US Presidency (Kamala Harris) would be in favor of selectively applying the law. This would replace the balanced determination of the people (as represented by Congress) as to what is fair, with her own (just like any dictator). She certainly disqualified herself taking this position in a TV interview, we expect our President's main job is to execute the laws that exist!

Another internal war that you might want to speak out on is the war between men and women in this country. While we all enjoy the spice and spark a little bit of disagreement provides in a relationship, we dont want really bad things to happen to people we love. We also dont want them to be afraid to take the initiative, and make something happen - or be afraid to speak up about what they want, or dont want. We dont really want to eliminate the comfort of stereotypical roles, simply to ensure a few unconventional people can break convention without discomfort - or worse - have unlimited power. You are uniquely positioned to speak on this subject.

So - I hope you speak up and get heads turning. Challenge old power like Nancy Pelosi, Schiff, Maxine and Schumer. As Nancy says, power is never given, it has to be taken. Ro Khanna may be an ally. No need to imitate Trump's style doing so - I think by then we will be really tired of that. Maybe we will instead have somebody we can really get into supporting...