Senator Bernie Sanders

Re: Debate
Dear Mr. Sanders:

I have lot of respect and trust for you, as I believe that you have the interests of all Americans at heart. However, the fix seems to be in, and it seems you might lose Michigan too. Right now I cannot vote for a Democratic party candidate - because he or she is almost certainly going to source the necessary talent and staff to run the Presidency from the party; the party is now overrun by power hungry plutocrat representatives who put their own interests first and the country last; and I am not sure that a future President will be able to keep them under control. Biden, while he is not evil, would especially be a disaster, because the country would essentially be run by an unelected staff with him as a grandfatherly (maybe even senile) figurehead. Some of your volunteers feel this way too - I watched one interviewed on TV who came pretty close to admitting that he was going to vote for Trump if you were not nominated.

What could make people like me change our mind? Show us that you can take control from the current DNC, and run with your own values.

For example, right now Tulsi perseveres and is still in the race. Demand that she be allowed to participate in the next debate and be allowed to bring to the debate the values and issues of her followers. Three is not too large a number for a decent debate. Change the nature of the debate from a fight to a conversation about values. Getting her in would be a "yuge" act of grace that people would love, especially if you opined that she still has a chance, albeit tiny. Seriously, she wont be a threat to you at the convention, at least upto the first round. Personally, I believe she is too green about the ears to be a successful President at this time. But others might not be too concerned about that. They may value her youth which matches a lot of your followers, she has the stamina and strength of character that comes from being ex-military, and she is a woman. Besides she has a non-combative style and the Presidency is really a team endeavor - so she would have the talent and support of the entire Democratic party (and some Republicans!) to help her. If you were elected, you might even offer her a position in your cabinet.

I also think that if by some chance you do not achieve plurality going into the convention, you could honor your promise to step out and still avoid the disaster to the country that a Biden nomination would be. Release your delegates in that case to vote for anybody (including Tulsi). Even suggest to the other dropouts that they do the same with their delegates instead of committing them to Biden. If enough do, the superdelegates will be forced to take notice.

Just as Trump blew out the RNC, you need to help clear out the cesspool that is the DNC. Or you can do nothing.

I wish you the best of luck.