CoVID-19 Pandemic Timeline

2019-12-30 Li Wenliang, a Chinese opthalmologist, warns doctors about a SARs-like illness
recommends wearing protective gear, dies Feb 7.
USA Today
2019-12-31China notifies WHO about pneumonia with unknown cause in Wuhan WHO
2020-01-06CDC issues travel warnings for Americans going to China
2020-01-16CDC says US will screen passengers arriving from Wuhan
2020-01-21First case in US confirmed in Washington (traveller from China)
2020-01-29 Coronavirus Task Force (CVTF) created, under HHS Secretary Alex Azar
2020-01-31 President Trump blocks entry by travellers from China, except US persons, effective 2/2
2020-02-04President Trump delivers State of the Union
2020-02-04Diamond Princess ordeal starts Business Insider
2020-02-24President Trump visits India Washington Post
2020-02-24President Trump asks Congress for $1.25 billion emergency funds Politico
2020-02-26First community spread case in California
2020-02-26President Trump appoints Mike Pence and Deborah Birx to coronavirus taskforce
2020-02-27President Trump's India visit ends Washington Post
2020-02-28First week with CoVID deaths (5), not clear when CDC became aware of them
2020-02-29First publicly reported US death USA Today
2020-02-29FDA relaxes guidelines on testing
2020-03-022/24 Letter delivered *
2020-03-04House passes $8.3 billion emergency aid bill
2020-03-04Original PPP proposal Letter
2020-03-06President Trump signs $8.3 billion emergency aid bill
2020-03-11WHO declares CoVID19 a pandemic
2020-03-11President Trump stops travel from Shengen states (Europe)
2020-03-11Scott Gottlieb proposes shutdown, focusses on killing the economy NPR
2020-03-12Messages to WH acknowledged 1 2
2020-03-13President Trump declares National Emergency with CVTF LA Times
2020-03-156 Bay Area counties decide to go into lockdown 3/16 LA Times
2020-03-17President Trump asks people to work from home, postpone travel, limit gatherings to 10
2020-03-17Mnuchin makes initial proposal about PPP to Congress Bloomberg
2020-03-19CARES Act Senate Bill 3548 strips HR748 of content,
replaces with PPP and other coronavirus relief content
becomes law 3/27
Senate 3548
House 748
2020-03-19Gavin Newsom orders economic shutdown of California
2020-03-19Messages to WH acknowledged 1 2 3 4
2020-03-20Ivanka Trump returns to work as White House advisor after quarantine
2020-03-23Message to WH acknowledged 1 2 3
2020-03-24President Trump declares desire to reopen the country by Easter, 4/12
2020-03-27Message to WH acknowledged 1
2020-03-27President Trump signs $2.2 trillion spending bill
2020-04-01Message to WH about bandannas acknowledged 1
2020-04-026.6 million people file for unemployment benefits
2020-04-03Wearing cloth masks to prevent others from getting infected now recommended
2020-04-04President Trump pushes hydroxychloroquine
2020-04-06Message to WH about vaccinations acknowledged twice
2020-04-10Message to WH acknowledged 1
2020-04-13Message to WH acknowledged 1
2020-04-13President Trump declares intent to reopen, claims total authority over governors
2020-04-14President Trump completely gives up on 4/13 claim of authority, punts to governors
2020-04-15Message to WH acknowledged 1
2020-04-17Message to WH acknowledged - feedback for Mnuchin
2020-04-21Trump announces immigration halt, order signed 4/23 VOX
2020-04-21Amendment to House bill substituting supplemental funding for PPP/hospitals passed by Senate, becomes law 4/24 House 266
2020-04-24CVTF Meeting ends without press questions. Breitbart
2020-04-244/12 Letter re CDC recommendations delivered, (available for pickup since 4/18) *
2020-04-24IRS status now says check mailed today
2020-04-25Yolo county now allows golf courses, parks, and gun ranges to open
2020-04-27 Message to WH acknowledged *
2020-04-28 Message to WH acknowledged *
2020-04-28 Got my stimulus check
2020-04-29 Online signup for PUA, EDD promptly lost info
2020-05-13 Finally got through to EDD on phone
2020-05-19 Got an EDD card, and duplicate certification forms, sent in
2020-05-19 1940's system to disinfect inside air called "upper-room UV"
Science Teachers Get Creative: Air Conditioning during COVID19
(around 18:40 mark)
Message to WH not acknowledged
NPR Radio
2020-05-21 Message to WH acknowledged *