Good House, Bad House

A house that has a family
Living in it
Children running through
Out and in
Smoke from the chimney
Dogs in the yard
People and things
Kept safe and dry in a storm
Warm on a cold winter night
Cool on a hot summer day
Its people know
They can be there
They love their house
Their house loves them
Happy people, happy house
Good house

A house that has
Somebody living in it
For the moment
Until better days come along
A house that is doing its job
Good house

A house with nobody in it
But still has their things
Till they can take them to their new house
Waiting for the new owner to move in
Still has things to protect
Still has a purpose
Sad house, but a
Good house

A house that has a watchman
Nobody to protect
Nothing to protect
Somebody to protect it
But -
At least -
A house that is helping another house
Protect its people,
Its pets,
Its things
A troubled house
Still - a good house

A house empty
No people in it
No things in it
Nothing to protect
Except a few zeroes
In a bank
Somewhere, faraway
Why am I here?
Bad house
Somebody - anybody - please, please, move in!

A house unattended
No people in it
Things to protect it
Nothing to protect
Except a few zeroes
In a bank
Somewhere, faraway
I'm taking up space
Those things waste
Those things wont let anybody in
I'm a bad house
I can't be a good house...

A house that is not there
Space that helps the earth breathe
Space that children use to play
Space to be quiet in
Peaceful house

2010 Niket Patwardhan Distribution permitted with copyright notice and attribution